Coaching Questions

I thought I would answer a few  questions regarding coaching that I frequently get in this post.

Do I have to start with a vision statement?

No, you don’t have to start with a vision statement.  I do recommend starting with vision statement to illustrate what your ideal life could be.  This ideal is the basis for balance in your life and sets the stage for the coaching to really begin.  But if you would like to jump straight in with what has you stuck or a problem, that is fine too.  We can do the vision statement later, if and when the client wants to.

What is expected of me, the client?

All you, the client, need to have is:

  • an attitude to want to learn about yourself
  • want to change
  • not be afraid to be held accountable

Those traits make it possible for you to be coached.  Without those traits, coaching is more of a chore for you instead of positive change agent in your life.

Are my sessions confidential?

Yes, to the extent that I can legally maintain confidentiality of all my clients.  As a member of the IAC, International Associations of Coaching, I have to adhere to a code of ethics that covers privacy and confidentiality.  To see the Code of Ethics please click here.

Are coaches and counselors the same?

No, we are not the same.  Normally, coaches are present and forward looking while counselors focus on issues that have happened in the past and work with you to deal with those issues.  Coaches typically are outcome and action focused while counselors are more focused on the clients feelings.  At times, coaches and counselors may use the same the exercise with clients.  There are counselors that also coach.  Each has a place in life and both can be beneficial to a balanced life.  There is a lot of confusion in this area, but counselors are typically used when a client knows something is wrong in their life and a coach is used to when they are want more balance in life or want to change future behavior.

I hope this has helped you understand more about coaching and my style of coaching.  To get started, take advantage of my Spring Cleaning special.



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