Your One Life

I was listening to a talk show and this comment caught my attention.  The host said something to the effect that we are granted one life and we shouldn’t waste it.  He went on to state that the past is over, all we can do is live in the present to make our one life the best it can be.  Do you live in the present, making your one life the best it can be?  I think the speaker made a great point and it made me think about my life and the lives of the people in my sphere of influence.

In thinking about our one life and not wasting it, I have came up with a few ways we can make our lives the best and not waste our one life.   We can make our life matter by living in the present, learning from our mistakes and being a positive force for those around us.

Living in the present means to appreciate the situation that you are in.  No matter what your situation is, embrace it.  It may be bad, but instead of dwelling on how bad it is, focus on what you can do to change it or if you can’t change, accept it.  There are situations that you can’t change, that you have to accept for a while.  These situations can allow for personal growth, if embraced and faced with a positive attitude instead of wishing that things were different.  Don’t mope around and wallow in the situation, embrace it and move forward.

We are prone to make the same mistakes if we don’t learn from our mistakes.  Mistakes don’t make the person, how we handle our mistakes makes the person.  As an example, if we are constantly late to events and you have lost prospects or clients due to being late to a meeting, you can learn from that and leave earlier so that you will arrive to the meeting early.  If you don’t learn from losing a prospect, you are prone to continue to lose clients.  This is a simple example, but the theory holds true for all of our mistakes.  When we make mistakes, we should review what we did, that is within our control, and note what we could have done differently to have a different outcome.  In Project Management, this is done at the end of projects and called Lessons Learned Exercise.  Our exercise doesn’t have to be as formal or in-depth but it can help you review your mistakes – as well as your successes – in your life so that you can make changes to prevent the same mistakes.

Finally, be a positive force for those around you.  We each have a group of people that we influence.  How do you influence your group?  Are you a positive force for the group, helping them grow personally and professionally?  Or are you a negative influence and preventing growth?  To make the most of our lives, we should strive to be a positive influence for our group.  It is hard to be positive all the time.  Being positive requires that like yourself, are happy in your situation and understand that we all make mistakes and don’t hold those mistakes against yourself or others.

Live your one life the best you can each day for yourself and those around you.  If you feel stuck with a situation or that you are not living your best life, check out my coaching packages.  Coaching may be what you need to make the most of your one life.


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