How Can Meditation Help Me?

Meditation is a practice of spending time in quiet thought.  Meditation can be sitting alone focusing on something (I focus on my breathing) or it can be focusing on doing whatever you are doing without thinking of anything else (living in the moment).  Benefits of mediation include decreasing stress and improving health, while it has no none negative side effects.

Mindfulness Meditation

I use a technique called mindfulness meditation.  I do this daily to clear my head and to allow me to focus on what is real (what I can see, hear, touch, taste or smell) and not what is going in my mind.  While sitting in comfortable position, I close my eyes and focus on my breathing.  I listen to my breathing, I feel my lungs contract and expand.  If my concentration is broken with a thought, image or feeling, I imagine it as log floating down a river.  I watch it as it floats out of site, without responding to it.  After the thought, image or feeling is gone, I refocus on my breathing.  I do this for at least ten minutes a day.

I have found that since starting this meditation that I am able to tackle situations that in the past would cause me to have stress.  Now, I enjoy the moment; understanding that what we do in the moment is all that matters.  I try to not let thoughts in my mind dictate my actions and reactions.  Our thoughts and feelings are biased based on our life.  It is not always good to allow our biases to control us.

Meditation helps relieve stress, improve health and has no negative side effects.  It is free and can done by anyone.  It can help provide clarity and focus in your life.  So, they question really is “what do I have to lose?”  Do this practice every day (you will get better at it) and see the effects in your life.


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