Start Your Day Off Right

If you are like most people, you start your day feeling rushed and delving right in to the days activities. With our got to do it now, hurried life it is easy to fall into that trap each day. There is a better way to start your. First, get up early enough to have some time alone for devotions, prayer and mediation. Next, spend a few minutes doing self affirmations. Review the Optimist Creed that I wrote about my post. Finally, spend some time to schedule your day out so that you can focus on what is really important.

Get up a half hour early for devotions, prayer and mediation. As a Christian, I start each day reading my devotion and writing in my journal my thoughts on the days devotion. After I am finished with the devotion, I mediate for ten minutes. This mediation allows me to focus and become mindful of the peace that comes from focusing on God’s blessings in my life. After the mediation, I pray and ask God to help me face all the challenges that the day may bring. I ask for His guidance in my tasks for the day.

Next, spend a few minutes doing self affirmations. If you don’t have any, write out ten positive things about you. Read these out loud a few times to yourself. This will help set the positive attitude for the rest of the day and increase your self esteem.

Review the Optimist Creed. I posted this creed in my previous blog post. By promising yourself to be an optimist, you will see yourself, others and everything you do in a different light. Positive thinking promotes positive actions not only in yourself, but in others.

Finally, spend some time to schedule your day. This schedule should prioritize your day. By prioritizing your day, you can make sure that the important tasks get completed. Important tasks should take priority because when important tasks don’t get completed in a timely (and not necessarily in a day) manner, they become urgent. When they become urgent is when we begin to feel stress and overwhelmed. A few minutes planning can help prevent this stress. As your day progresses, you may have interruptions and crises that require your attention, but by doing this step, you will have a agenda to get back on once the interruption passes.

Try this for a week or two and see if your days improve. I know my days go better when following this process.


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