Coaching vs. Consulting

What is coaching?

Coaching is different from traditional consulting in that the client is responsible for doing the work instead of he consultant.  This keeps the client in control and helps the organization create buy-in for the changes.  As the coach, I meet with the client weekly via phone to go over the progress of the plan that is to be implemented.  I offer no judgment or criticism.  Instead, I provide encouragement, feedback and advice as required.  I also discuss with the client any issues that may have arisen in the past week.  My role, as a coach is to develop into the best leader that they can be.

What is consulting?

Consulting can defined as a person or firm specializing in giving business advice and implementing solutions.  The consultant is normally at the clients location and working on implement the solution that has been agreed upon.  This can create internal issues regarding the leadership of the organization.

Our philosophy:

At Turnkey Business Advisors, we are able to accommodate either style.  We think that coaching fits the business needs of today’s business, but will follow the lead of the client.